About Us

The Weekday Wedding Company of Central Virginia was created in 2007 in collaboration with many talented and creative wedding professionals to fill the growing need for high quality wedding services for couples who are looking for an alternative to the typical weekend affair that takes months to plan.  So, if a gorgeous wedding with all the best of everything on a non-traditional day of the week (Monday – Thursday) appeals to you then you’ve found the right place!

Claire Frances who began the Weekday Wedding Company in 2007 is an ordained Interfaith Minister, having performed more than 800 weddings of all types in the Charlottesville area and throughout Virginia. Please visit our “Your Ceremony” page to learn more about the ceremony services offered by WWC.

All of our Weekday Wedding Company service providers are experienced professionals in their fields with many years of experience in the wedding industry. By choosing a Weekday Wedding Company package you are choosing the very same, superior quality services that you might find at a huge weekend affair but for an amazingly affordable price. Please take some time to visit our package pages to see the many lovely options that are available to you. We make every effort to keep the website pricing as accurate as possible, however, all prices are estimates and are subject to change.

Our photographers, videographer, musicians and all of our vendors are ready to make your weekday wedding a memory to last a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions... with answers!

We hope that the information in this page will provide answers to some questions that you might have about our packages.

If you have a question that was not addressed here please contact us and we’ll respond right away.

We love your packages but really want our wedding on a weekend...can we buy a package for a weekend date?

The answer is no…and yes! Most Weekday Wedding Company staff is busy on weekends with larger weddings throughout Virginia and beyond. That said, we are always happy for you to inquire and, if it is possible for us to accommodate you we’d be happy to do so. We would like you to know, however, that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from April through October are very unlikely but may occasionally be possible in the off-season. Additionally, weekend pricing may be somewhat higher than the pricing listed here, please inquire.


What is an Interfaith Minister?

Interfaith ministers are trained professionals, who have studied extensively and been ordained by one of a growing number of Interfaith Seminaries around the world. Interfaith ministers can serve as companions and guides in helping people to deepen or reclaim the nourishment of their own religious roots while opening their hearts to the wisdom and beauty of other traditions and teachings. Regardless of their own religious tradition or spiritual path, Interfaith ministers are trained professionals who:

  • Are dedicated to serving the spiritual needs of all those who seek their guidance, counsel, and assistance, without regard to race, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ethnic background, gender or age.
  • Have chosen to learn about, respect, and appreciate the diversity of paths to the Divine and to look for the universal truth in each one.
  • Seeks to promote understanding, harmony, and love among people by emphasizing what is universal in the teachings of the many spiritual paths and faith traditions.
  • Are committed to the ongoing deepening of their own spiritual practice and connection to the Divine, so that their service to others is always grounded in the integrity of their own spiritual life.

How do we get a marriage license in Virginia?

In Virginia the couple (both of you) must go to any Circuit Court Clerk’s office during business hours, Monday – Friday, with proper ID and $30.00. Your marriage license can be used anywhere in the Commonwealth within 60 days of the date it was issued. For futher details on where to go and legal requirements please visit the website for the Virginia Courts.

The 2 Circuit Courts in the Charlottesville area are:

City of Charlottesville
315 East High St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

County of Albemarle
501 East Jefferson St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

More information and details are available by going to the web page for the specific Virginia Circuit Court you’ll be getting your license from.  Here’s a link to all Virginia Circuit Court home pages.

Why do people choose to have their wedding on a weekday?

Great question and there are lots of answers! Many couples who choose weekday weddings are choosing a destination wedding and Weekday Wedding options makes planning from afar so easy… We’ve created weddings for people coming from Chicago, Mississippi, California, New York, London and more…. Some couples are choosing to combine their event with a little get-away so choose to have their wedding during the week and then extend their travels through the weekend. Finally, many who consider this alternative have been married before and have already had the larger affair and now are choosing a completely different experience for their wedding. Whatever the reason, it’s a great option!

How does the Weekday Wedding Company accept payment?

We are able to accept credit card payments through Paypal and are also happy to accept your personal check, cashier’s check or money order. We require a non-refundable down payment of 50% at the time of booking and the remaining balance due 3 weeks before your wedding date.


  • All packages and individual services offered by the Weekday Wedding Company of Central Virginia are subject to the availability of the vendor or service on the date requested. When a particular vendor or service requested is not available every effort will be made to provide an acceptable alternative but can not be guaranteed.
  • The Weekday Wedding Company makes every effort to keep pricing on this website current and accurate. All prices are estimates and subject to change so please contact us to confirm pricing details.
  • Each couple planning on getting legally married as part of one of our wedding packages is responsible for obtaining their marriage license from a Virginia Circuit Court and providing it to their Minister or Officiant before the ceremony begins.
  • Once your package decisions and choices have been made we will prepare a contract detailing what we’ve agreed upon. In order to book your package you will need to return a signed contract to us with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once we receive your contract and deposit we will begin preparing your ceremony (with your help) and putting all the details into place for your wonderful weekday wedding!